The Aviation High School Education Foundation

Our Mission:

The purpose of The Aviation High School Education Foundation (AHSEF) is to:

maintain the relationship of alumni to Aviation Career and Technical Education High School (“Aviation High School”) and to fellow alumni through written and other communications, social, academic, and other events.

provide aid and cooperation to Aviation High School in order to facilitate aviation maintenance, academic and extracurricular programs and other student activities.

support the students at Aviation High School through the collection and distribution of equipment, supplies, financial and service donations that support, enhance, and develop student programs within the school.

award scholarships and other grants to commendable students at Aviation High School.

procure funds in support of those activities which result in the furtherance of the above.

The Aviation High School Education Foundation Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up of graduates from Aviation High School and are all now working aviation professionals.


Steve Mikhlin

Morgan Stanley


Anthony D’Erasmo

British Airways

General Counsel

Nelson Camacho

QBE North America